I’ve been released from PT….. We think? The treatments have helped a great deal with the peroneal tendon burning, and the orthotics have helped with PF. Today was my first baby run of 8min walk, 2min run x 3. Over 2 weeks I get to progress to 1min walk, 9min run x 3. Cross fingers. Of course, after 4 months injured, 3 months in PT, I’m hopeful but feeling very trepidatious. I’m on track with Daily Burn workouts and cycling on the trainer and other than jumping jacks, the foot is doing well. Jumping jacks are a no-no.
The combination of PF and the peroneal tendon issues has been an absolute bitch. Weight has been gained; I’ve had a lot of couch time and when bored I eat like a complete asshole. I’m back in control of food, dropped refined sugar and the ass went back into her cave. I’m grateful that recovery is happening and (cross fingers again) nearly complete.

Morning PT session: we’re trying iontophoresis corticosteroids to see if it will calm down my peroneal tendon. We also worked on getting the orthotics to fit correctly. Still don’t get to run for 2 more weeks, but I did wear a pair of my running tights to PT.
@l8arrival : thank you for your words and, yes, while the ortho says surgery is just a matter of time…..I have every intention of healing without it.
Also the tides have turned and my “tough days” are behind me. I turned 50 and squeezed out all the crap by the end of 49; I’ve also had time at the ocean to ground myself and settle into a new decade. Proof of this turn happened this past week when I was given my dream job of supervising the masters level interns for our agency (I’m a mental health therapist)……I’m beyond thrilled!


This is @seankilgus in his element. 🎥 We had to leave early in the morning to capture this shot since the road to Mount Baker is always busy. If you haven’t seen the full video, go to Facebook page or my blog :: happyTRIgirl and tell me what you think!

⚡️ Thank you to all my friends who already watched it and gave me great feedback!! I was so humbled and honored to do this project with him.

📷: @sarah_0242


This is a local runner, and police officer, running up in the Mt Baker Wilderness, also local: such beauty.

Too foggy to ride outside 😦 So upper body weights and a half hour interval cycling session 🙂 So much sweat! 

 I didn’t update on the offending foot orthopedic appt: He was really quite wonderful and explained everything, answered every question….. and said it’s only a matter of time before he’ll have to surgically repair the foot :/ 

Anyone else have high arches and run long distance? He said the 2 don’t go together and all of various issues with it are the fault of pes cavus (high arches). High arches are great for sprinting and basketball, not marathons. Hmmm. He in no way suggested that I should not run again and his goal is for me to run again, which made me fall a little bit in love with him. Anyway we’re starting with custom orthotics (they’ll be ready tomorrow), more PT


(although I’m doing far better without), and an agreed slow return to running. If I’m still experiencing pain and unable to run in 3 months he’ll schedule surgery…. Making needed fixes on the offending foot and lowering the arch.

 The amount of movement in my ankle joint is a bit sickening :/

Bike and run: easier transition to running today than Tuesday with run feeling fabulous…. Cycling was with tired legs/body though (cycling first) and I’m having trouble with TFL pain on my right while riding. Getting the tennis ball out to roll it; that should be fun ;/