Run on :)

Up to 2.5 mins of run, 2.5 mins of walk x 10…..with no increase of pain! A flicker of hope exists. Finished off this mornings run by mowing the lawn. I should have begun 3 weeks ago when it began growing, so it was a good upper body work out as the grass hit embarrassingly heights. Then on to 105 squats, 12 beginner push ups, and 2 minutes of plank variations (core twists kill me).

Feeling alive.


My offending left foot

Is not being so offensive…..shhhh…..keep it a secret as every time I get the littlest bit of hope I return to pain, limping, and not being able to run. So quickly about the foot/ankle. I ran a marathon last June and I’ve barely been able to run since due to plantar fasciitis, tendonosis in my peroneal tendons (as well as a probable old split tear in the brevis tendon), and the newest is a painful pinching, on and off, at the front lateral portion of my ankle. That last bit makes walking impossible when it is occurring, let alone running.

I have had 4 months of PT, an orthopedic surgeon tell me I’d most likely need surgery, and custom orthotics made. I can get everything in my ankle and foot calmed if I do not run. Each time I work on bringing back running, even for 3-6 minutes the PF starts hurting. I have learned that the plantar tendon inflaming sets off the peroneal tendon, the peroneal tendon going off sets off the plantar tendon.

I have done 2 new things, both of which just felt right (not suggested by doc): 1st I thought I needed a cream to help with inflammation and I actually found one (why didn’t the doc tell me about this!) it’s called Penetrex. I use it for my peroneal tendon 2 -3 times a day. 2nd I knew I needed more support, soft support like a sleeve, for my ankle to keep the front from sliding an pinching and the peroneal is supported….in comes the Yorkberg  compression foot sleeve. This seems to have wiped out my PF pain! The peroneal is still a little whiny here and there, but nothing more than a nuisance. My ankle is no longer pinching in the front either.

Today I took another step up in running recovery and did 8 x 2 minutes with a 4 minute walk between and I have no residual pain…..didn’t have any last run either. I couldn’t remember this afternoon if I ran this morning, because my foot felt too good! Freak me out. I will not get overly confident or overly hopeful; I’ve had too many failing attempts to run this past year. So I’ll just say….we’ll see/

(but I really hope I get to run consistently again… soul is struggling!)

On the Grace front:

She is a great hiker….IMG_0393 (1).JPG

She is adorable:IMG_0453.JPG

AND she has horrid separation anxiety….or just really loves shredding heavy duty rugs 😕


Letting go

Yup, I just deleted my tumblr account. Sick and tired of having to block porn followers, so I imported all of my postings from there to here….and BAMM! Hit that delete button (then signed in to assure that it was really me and bamm…hit it again).

I’ve been MIA as I grew tired of complaining about my left foot. I keep trying to run and end up in pain again. Weight has been gained, fitness lost, and my strong sense of self has been shaken. My peroneal tendonosis is an issue. Plantar fasciitis appears, 8 months post marathon, to be heeling as long as I don’t overdue it. I’m just beginning another try at slowly creeping up on running again – yesterday was 8×1.5 mins with 4 minutes of walking between. I’m using a compression sleeve for my foot which is helping so far and custom orthotics.

I’m also on day 4 of the 30 day squat challenge, plank challenge, and push up challenge. I will take some positive control of myself back. I will.