Happiness is seeing the tumblr runners on WP

I’ve missed the connections with tumblr and as  a result really haven’t been blogging. Thrilled to see people spreading over to WP as I see the tumblr community disintegrate without replies. Community is built through communication….take communication away and community is lost or diminished. 

Running: let’s just say that PF and peroneal  tendonosis is a never ending story. When I adopted my sweet Grace, I upped waking to 5 miles a day and reintroduced running a quarter  of a mile at a time. Too much. I’ve committed to just walking 5 to 7 miles a day, reintroducing hills, and once that is strong bringing back running VERY slowly. I’m telling myself daily that this will take several months….call down….slow down….or you’ll never run again.

On a great note : Grace is a great running companion ❣️