I have found happiness and grounding. Meet Ms Grace, a rescue Aussie /Poodle mix (with the face of a terrier). She’s 40 pounds of adorable and energy. I can’t express how untethered I’ve felt being without a dog. Then cruising Petfinder there was this adorable little face looking at me from a border collie rescue site. The foster was a favor for a friend at a shelter in Surrey, BC, where Gracie had been returned 3 times. There was concern she’d be put down due to stupid people adopting her and not wanting to deal with a high energy dog….duh…..aussie. Dumb asses going by looks alone. She’s been wonderful and easily tired out with 5-7 miles of walking a day. She is a bit bouncy and excited with transitions but amazingly trainable so far.
I was looking for a German Shepherd….Thank goodness we recognize love when we see it.


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