I have found happiness and grounding. Meet Ms Grace, a rescue Aussie /Poodle mix (with the face of a terrier). She’s 40 pounds of adorable and energy. I can’t express how untethered I’ve felt being without a dog. Then cruising Petfinder there was this adorable little face looking at me from a border collie rescue site. The foster was a favor for a friend at a shelter in Surrey, BC, where Gracie had been returned 3 times. There was concern she’d be put down due to stupid people adopting her and not wanting to deal with a high energy dog….duh…..aussie. Dumb asses going by looks alone. She’s been wonderful and easily tired out with 5-7 miles of walking a day. She is a bit bouncy and excited with transitions but amazingly trainable so far.
I was looking for a German Shepherd….Thank goodness we recognize love when we see it.

Vacation quandary

I’m heading to San Francisco for 5 days with my sister and brother in law…. Not the quandary. I love running on vacation, in different cities and forests alike. It’s a beautiful way to be connected to where I am.
Enter quandary:
This past Sunday, a quarter of a mile into my run, my ankle freaked out.  Different area as it was across the front, feeling like there was an impingement and it was painful. I’ve had it happen in the past but only for minutes, shake it out and move on. This required careful walking to get back to the car, with breaks…. Hmm, thought, after I would sit down it would do better when I got back up,  so maybe an odd jam at the bottom of the tibia?
Anyway that wasn’t my point. It was not happy the rest of the day, but I figure I pinched something and so it’s going to take a day to calm down. The next day I only had a few odd moments of instability when I would turn on my feet. Yesterday the offending foot was fabulous, so far today it’s good. Now the brain is back and forth, should I run in SF? Yes? No? Yes. No. Yes? No.
I finally decided I’d take the rest of the week off of running to make sure I didn’t push an injury, and not take my gear to SF.


Yea, right.
I feel fine. I’m running the waterfront.
I feel more complete having my gear with me. 😊