I’ve been released from PT….. We think? The treatments have helped a great deal with the peroneal tendon burning, and the orthotics have helped with PF. Today was my first baby run of 8min walk, 2min run x 3. Over 2 weeks I get to progress to 1min walk, 9min run x 3. Cross fingers. Of course, after 4 months injured, 3 months in PT, I’m hopeful but feeling very trepidatious. I’m on track with Daily Burn workouts and cycling on the trainer and other than jumping jacks, the foot is doing well. Jumping jacks are a no-no.
The combination of PF and the peroneal tendon issues has been an absolute bitch. Weight has been gained; I’ve had a lot of couch time and when bored I eat like a complete asshole. I’m back in control of food, dropped refined sugar and the ass went back into her cave. I’m grateful that recovery is happening and (cross fingers again) nearly complete.


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