Morning PT session: we’re trying iontophoresis corticosteroids to see if it will calm down my peroneal tendon. We also worked on getting the orthotics to fit correctly. Still don’t get to run for 2 more weeks, but I did wear a pair of my running tights to PT.
@l8arrival : thank you for your words and, yes, while the ortho says surgery is just a matter of time…..I have every intention of healing without it.
Also the tides have turned and my “tough days” are behind me. I turned 50 and squeezed out all the crap by the end of 49; I’ve also had time at the ocean to ground myself and settle into a new decade. Proof of this turn happened this past week when I was given my dream job of supervising the masters level interns for our agency (I’m a mental health therapist)……I’m beyond thrilled!


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