Little brick

Getting my rear in gear…..back on my ‘Pretty Princess’ bicycle after a few days off, for a 50 minute ride in the DARK. I was feeling good, and my offending foot appears to be healing well, so I added a 4 x 400 meter run with 400 m “recovery” walk between….yay foot!
Tonight will be Iron Strength with runners world’, Jordan Metzel. Well more accurately it will be 2/3rds of the video as I’m just not that strong yet…’s an ass kicker! Tomorrow morning is swimming as long as I can still move 😉
I’ve discovered that I really need a goal in order to train consistently. First goal is do no damage to the foot. Second goal is to participate in the Lake Padden tri next June (only 9 months to pull the whole swimming, biking, running right after each other together). Third goal will be to run a half marathon by next Spring. Okay, that’s all.


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