Riding with the dawn. I learned this morning that cycling in 39 degrees will make my toes very cold…. Painfully so. Really painful when I got in the shower to warm up and had to turn it back off to sit down or fall over from it. Yikes….. No more riding in cycling shoes…. Flip the pedal and ride in shoes that have room for thick wool socks!
I also had my first fall off the bike this morning 🙂 Thankfully I just got home and was next to a big Rhododendron bush because my toes were so cold I couldn’t unclip quickly enough on my left side…. Oops! Nice Rhodie softened the fall. I’m considering this all good, as we may all remember, I’m trying to squeeze all of the bad out before I turn 50 on Friday.
Tomorrow I swim…. So much warmer.


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