Little brick

Getting my rear in gear…..back on my ‘Pretty Princess’ bicycle after a few days off, for a 50 minute ride in the DARK. I was feeling good, and my offending foot appears to be healing well, so I added a 4 x 400 meter run with 400 m “recovery” walk between….yay foot!
Tonight will be Iron Strength with runners world’, Jordan Metzel. Well more accurately it will be 2/3rds of the video as I’m just not that strong yet…’s an ass kicker! Tomorrow morning is swimming as long as I can still move 😉
I’ve discovered that I really need a goal in order to train consistently. First goal is do no damage to the foot. Second goal is to participate in the Lake Padden tri next June (only 9 months to pull the whole swimming, biking, running right after each other together). Third goal will be to run a half marathon by next Spring. Okay, that’s all.



“The strongest I have ever felt was the first time I said no to a drink. I have said no every morning since September 29, 2008.”

Today, Michael Lee celebrates seven years of sobriety. Check out his inspiring poem about addiction and recovery above.

This poem was performed and filmed at the Soap Boxing Poetry Slam in Saint Paul, which has recently joined forces with Button Poetry to create BUTTON POETRY LIVE, a new monthly show featuring some of the top poets from around the country as well as local performers. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, don’t miss our Grand Opening on Monday, October 5th at Camp Bar in Downtown Saint Paul. Tickets available here (for priority seating) or at the door.

A stunning day of no exercise but amazing beauty as friends of mine flew me to the state fair 🙂 Being that this is Washington, that flight included some amazing views. We left the fair early so Kevin could fly us closer to Mt Rainier, which then included Mt St Helens, as it was so close and the skies were calm and clear. Mt St Helens is surreal… Desolate and stunning. To fly over it and imagine the volcano blowing away the entire side of the mountain, well it’s just mind blowing. Flying that close we could also see the steam that still comes up from the lava dome and see all of the timber that slid down the mountain into the lake just next to the Mt. This had been my favorite birthday gift this year; experiences make the best gifts.

Swimming faster

Or at least swimming harder and more diligently this morning as there was a sexy swimmer man, under 70 years old, in the next lane😋 The motivation was actually probably due to his being faster than I was (I can be a little competitive…my backstroke was faster), but he was cute ….. At least what I could see of him with the whole swim cap, goggle thing going on.
I have a lovely large bruise on my leg from my fall yesterday. Yay aging!
Thank you karibikes , I’ll be biking with plastic bags in my shoes tomorrow morning 🚴🏻

Riding with the dawn. I learned this morning that cycling in 39 degrees will make my toes very cold…. Painfully so. Really painful when I got in the shower to warm up and had to turn it back off to sit down or fall over from it. Yikes….. No more riding in cycling shoes…. Flip the pedal and ride in shoes that have room for thick wool socks!
I also had my first fall off the bike this morning 🙂 Thankfully I just got home and was next to a big Rhododendron bush because my toes were so cold I couldn’t unclip quickly enough on my left side…. Oops! Nice Rhodie softened the fall. I’m considering this all good, as we may all remember, I’m trying to squeeze all of the bad out before I turn 50 on Friday.
Tomorrow I swim…. So much warmer.

karibikes tagged me to post the last 6 photos on my phone: I just bought an iPad mini 3 and this was my notification of such to my little sister. The night before I sent her pics of my livingroom as I’d just finished moving things around. A pic that I downloaded from FB of my brother-in-law (if I ever find a man who is willing to model costumes in target, as he does, I will snap him up). A view of the San Juan Islands. Sean, who is the son of one of my good friends 🙂
Tagging rundogg littlerunnergurl breatherunlive and anyone else who’s last 6 picture will include lots of puppies. I’m missing my guy.