Beautiful ride: 30 miles and I didn’t get significantly saddle sore until the last couple of miles 🙂 I had a nice sit on a log, looked out at the lake, released a few tears, ate some sports beans to replace the lost salt, then returned home.
Bath time now.


Long ride today

Forcing myself to eat so I can sustain a 30 mile ride out to Lake Terrell today. I’m going through an intensely painful time, heart broken, and I lose my appetite and stop sleeping when I’m sad like this. Good side: I don’t lose my drive to run or bike as it helps me clear my mind.

Back to running with the sunrise 

This is my 2nd day, first was Tuesday, running my prescribed 2 x 1 mile, 1 mile walk between. No increase in PF pain, some mild peroneal tendon pain on Tuesday that resolved….. Keep the Chacos on.  PT again tonight 🙂 

I need running right now, beyond my craving it for the sake of joy and accomplishment. It keeps me strong: body and soul.

So when you first start running, it’s hard.


But you keep at it until it gets easy.
At which point you make it harder.
And push through it until it feels easy again.
Then you up your game, make it harder still.
And eventually you get to the point where you push yourself so hard that it’s never easy, you train and train, spiraling into the vicious and beautiful cycle of always going harder, faster, stronger.
Runners are crazy.

Beautiful but tough ride 

I went down to Skagit Valley thinking this will be great: gorgeous views of the mountains (this is Mt Baker behind the corn), flat, and very little traffic. I forgot about the winds:/  That was alright, and it was doable, until I got to that Hill pictured above; it was the 2nd heartbreak in a week. 

The first I’ll just say that I’m broken right now. I’m grateful to cycling as it helps me stay present in the moment. Then came this Hill and it broke me for the second time; Thankfully, only my ego is paying the price for this one. Yes, I had to walk 2/3rds of this Hill. The walk was just as bad as biking it, there is no shoulder and cars (not many but enough) are passing at 50 mph. I’m not sure if I’d have had a shoulder, room to wobble, if I could have gotten up it? Maybe if it hadn’t been the end of my 3rd 20 mile day in a row? The last factor was not feeling confident clipped in. All factors came into play, I’m sure. 

A goal, on the way to my larger goal, is to make that Hill my bitch.

PT this morning and Andrea says I can run a mile all at once. We talk and agree I’ll play around with a half mile up to a mile, with a walk equal to the run distance. I’m the one that shortened it to half miles (not to equal more than 1 mile running) due to my fear of back tracking progress. The PF really is doing much better, to the point of not being noticeable the past few days (keeping my chacos on and knocking on wood). Primary issue now is a burning peroneal tendon below the calcaneus. She’s said that is far easier to treat than the PF. She’s treating runners all day today…. Yay race season!
She’s also using me (our treatment episode) to write a paper on PF. She doesn’t see runners get better from PF not running…. So let’s play with it! 

Ps: I’m also doing a lot of foot, soleus, and gluteus strengthening exercises… Not just baby runs.