I’m sore 😀 

Yesterday’s 20 miles had hills and even though I had a momentary thought to walk a couple of them, I made it. That’s me smiling (but really just taking a break and not realizing that there was another hill around the corner) at the top of one of them. 

Today started with a baby run. I’m still only allowed .25×4…..you know how the first mile is about warming up and most often doesn’t feel great? This feels like the torture of repeatedly starting that first mile. Tomorrow is another PT session, maybe she’ll let me move up to .5 repeats 🙂 

I also rode 18 miles today. Meant to do 20 or so, but I was pooped from hills yesterday. The strength I have to build! So exciting to have a new goal…. No race, just being able to ride 30-40 hilly miles at a good pace.
The new saddle is more comfortable; I’m guessing that there is no total comfort as far as bike saddles go? 

I played at being a big girl and changed my own pedals and seat, with my own tools. I had a funny by putting the clips on my new riding shoes, and before putting the pedal on the bike played around with putting the clip onto the pedal to see how it worked…. Anyone done this? Yes, cannot get the shoe off the freaking pedal! So on I go to attaching the pedal to the bike with the shoe attached to it, then my foot in the shoe attached to the bike which then easily popped right off the pedal with a tiny little twist of the ankle. It’s a good thing I looked up on the net what to do and saw that it’s at the very least difficult if not impossible to get your shoe unclipped from the pedal if not attached to the bike. I was contemplating having to throw the brand new pedals and shoes away and start again! Learning curve ahead. 

 PS : I’ve done most of the riding this weekend clipped and have not fallen over once. Yay me!


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