Morning baby run from the Blerch 

Great PT session yesterday with alot of work on my gastroc and soleus muscles, which were completely strung out. Then off to buy new running shoes and superfeet : Brooks Ghost and green. My foot feels very solid with this combo. So I got to do another 4x.25 mile run this morning…. I shred it all up and she’ll smooth it out is our agreement. Lots of work on aligning tissue in the plantar fascia yesterday…. Crunchy! 

My baby run was with Jim Croce, Carole King, The Beattles, and my new Blerch hat. 

The guys at the running store (who were amazingly attentive and wonderful) also told me to leave my chacos on at all times…. Even in the shower. At this point the store owner popped his head out and said “Really, leave them on in the shower!”. At this point I’m nothing if not compliant, so my chacos and I are headed to the shower now 😀


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