Another happy : 

I rode 18.5 yesterday and 20 today 🙂 The first 10 were fast today, topping at a singular 20 mph mile otherwise had been between 15 and 18. Then I turned around into the wind and I pooped out. Saddle say “ouchie” at mile 15. I ordered a new one: some Italian maker, leather with some gel (not much), and a nice big lady parts cut out. It has great reviews everywhere I looked and I got it 45$ off on amazon (and no tax and no shipping…. Woot Woot!). 

I also ran a whole mile and a half this morning, .25 x 6, with .25 walking in between. Not just running straight thru was a mind game; I had to keep telling myself to stop, it’s my PT assignment, I’m injured, better short now than never again….. 

 PS: I was only supposed to run 1 mile.


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