The ongoing saga of the offending foot 😦 

No miles for July was a first in 3 years and has left me bored and a bit out of control with my life. Taking back control meant biking on the trainer and Sunday became an internal fight to not bike outside without the boot. As I knew I’d ride too far, too fast, i chose instead to use the trainer; I biked too long and too hard while watching the final episode of Homeland instead. 

I felt burning of the tendon when I increased cadence but chose to not listen. I then made the stubborn decision that I could switch out of the boot to the brace this morning (the doc said 3-4 weeks, today is the last day of 3 weeks….close, right?).
Need I say out loud how much burn is going on in my heel? It’s been doing so well, with little to no pain for the past 4 days….tested it out and failed. It could be because the new brace has straps that cross under the arch of my foot, irritating the plantar fasciitis? There was no pain this morning pre-brace, it increased through the day. 

 Blah, blah, blah. …I’m tired of this. PT starts Thursday, boot back on until then, and I’ll let her boss me around. 

Really not good at this whole injury thing. 

On a positive note, i’m going to have Pho for dinner with friends 😀 Pho helps everything.


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