Tiny house: I live in a 460 sq ft house. This makes everything I do in this house well mapped out. There is one spot in the house that will accommodate my bike for storage (no garage), hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen, vertically, next to the refrigerator. This is the spot I can set up my trainer…. Doesn’t it look pretty?
I rode for 35 minutes yesterday, after shoulder and abs work. Leaving the store peddles on for now as they’re better suited to the boot which I left on as the doctor told me to. Good girl. I’m riding with a cadence of 60, nice and easy being aware that I am trying to recover from a tendon tear, using a metronom and watching Homeland on Hulu. Still boring to be riding inside. I figure between getting some chemicals in my brain and my lady parts adapting to the seat, this is a good thing…. Or at least better than no thing.
I miss running.


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