Trying to get my physical life back on track. I behaved this morning and didn’t take Mr Leo on a long walk like I wanted, as the boot really helps to discourage movement. We went to the dog park instead. No other dogs so he just stayed by me. I tried walking around with him, but bark was shoving itself into the boot. He wouldn’t explore on his own, which is unlike him but possibly he’s concerned about the lady in the boot? I think between his advanced age and my limping we were quite the pair. Poor old dog.

I have a friend at work who wants to start working out at the gym he belongs to, has only gone twice this past year. Well we’ve all been there, so I agreed to join the gym and work out with him. I know, geneous of me right? Well, at this point, all I can do is lift, as long as it doesn’t involve flexing my left ankle. There are no cardio machines I’m allowed to do as they all involve this ankle. I’m bored and feel like I’m ever expanding so something must be done.

Have I expressed my disappointment with this whole “injured” thing? It sucks.

 Only 3 more weeks in the boot 🙂 

 **I also hate gyms so it’ll be good to have an accountability buddy.


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