Yay, pain meds!

  1. runningchanwa said: Heat pack when you get up & ice after runs, foam roll your calves (tight calves make it worse) & PLEASE see a Physio, lest you end up like me!
  2. malloryrunsthis said: Ugh PF is a total bitch. I do toe and arch exercises every night, ice after my runs, and am getting active release therapy for it. The active release is actually helping!
  3. ironmq said: I’ve never had PF. But have been around enough runners with it. The strassburg sock is good. I’m sure you’ve heard all the things to do. But really what works the best is complete rest from it. And when you restart – slow and short distances.

Thanks for the feed back runningchanwa, malloryrunsthis, and ironmq.

I went in to my doc this morning and she thinks that I have a stress fracture and PF together, possibly. I was sent off for x-rays and scheduled an MRI as well. She is concerned about missing something due to my odd pain pattern. We will also look at PT when it’s sorted out. I love my doc. She is working on getting back into running and has a history of half marathons so she gets it. She was also super excited that I’d done the marathon, which made her the tiniest bit hyper…..and she told me I have great, muscular runner’s legs 😀

Laying here on the sofa with lovely vicodin in my system now, which for me also means random napping (insert drooling face here).

Edit: Yup, stoned, so I forgot that I began this to respond to people….duh. 

@runningchanwa: Heat seems to be all my foot and ankle like, ice when I remember but it seems to make no difference, foam rolling and stretching – interestingly my calf actually feels pretty stretched every time I work on them. 

@malloryrunsthis: yes, Total Bitch. I’m going to look into ART – had jsut read about it last night, thanks!

@ironmq: the bummer is that I thought I was restarting slow and short, apparently just coming out of marathon training has distorted my idea of both :/ 1 mile is short, not 4…..as people are looking at me like I’m an idiot for saying that I did a baby run of 4 miles. 


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