Dear running, 

 I fear my affair with cycling is growing some emotional depth, potentially commitment. I tried on road bikes yesterday, a variety; While they were not all good and gentle with me, I loved their feel (except for the one that’s seat was dangerous to my unmentionables). I believe I will be forming an ongoing relationship with the Trek Lexa SLX. A good beginning. 

I hope my plantar fasciitis appreciates my lack of running (heel pain is down to a low ache). I certainly am getting antsy and edgy, as this is day 10 of recovery . Riding has taken the edge off, thank God because the Bitch was coming out to play. 

 Running, fear not, I will return as soon as possible. I cannot live without you. That being said, I do think this is going to become a polyamorous relationship (I have a date with swimming too 😉 ). 

 Love always, 



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