My Quirks

I was tagged by multisportmom  to list some of my quirks. I think I need to work on being more quirky?
Here goes :

1. I have a tendency to say exactly what I’m thinking, without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes that’s a problem.

2. I hum when I really like what I’m eating. Good food makes me happy. 

3. I hate sleeping with clothes on. I get strangled and tangled. I find it odd that people have special clothes they do wear to bed. It’s like wearing a swim suit in the bath tub… What’s the point?

4. Speaking of the bathtub, I fall asleep in it on a regular basis and I’m really trying to break that pattern. It’s totally harshing my mellow…..cause really, nap jerks in water tend to make for wet floors.  

5. I say “hi” to everyone running when I’m out on a run…. If you try to ignore me and I’m feeling particularly chipper, I’m probably going to tell you how fabulous you look in your running clothes (often the only way I can get groups of women running together to acknowledge me…. “hi ladies, you all look fabulous together! Love the neon!”).

I’m going to tag blu-fish , melanietris, macaristic, and l8arrival to feel free to let us all see your quirk flag fly 🙂

Thanks multisportmom…think I’ll do a high kick now!


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