Bob! No way! Did you really meet two out-of-town Tumblrs in the very same day? And you’re making this a beer of the night post! Stop already!


This morning I ran with Dustin and we had coffee. This evening Sheila and I went out to dinner with sagecedars.

grew up in the Twin Cities but lives in Washington now. She’s in town
visiting family and preparing for Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this
weekend. She stopped by our house and we chatted for a while before going out.

I’ve been wanting to try the new Surly Beer Hall & Restaurant in Minneapolis. We got out there and it was packed. Surprisingly though we got a table right away. The Surly beer selection is large. I tried Devil’s Work and Fiery Hell. I’ve had a few beers made with chiles in the past and they’re good and the Fiery Hell was too. It made my lips tingle!

They serve food too and we had burgers. I also spotted three Surly bikes in the bike racks. Yet there is no connection between Surly Beer and Surly Bikes.

Sheila, Kathleen and I laughed a lot and had a really good time getting to know each other.

Good luck at Grandma’s on Saturday Kathleen!

Great night with Bob and Sheila! Thank you for being such generous and welcoming people, as well as trusting that a total internet stranger wouldn’t kill you 😉
Gotta love the tumblr love.


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