I’m including photos from a beautiful weekend in the Methow a couple of weeks ago….. Longing to return to trail running. After Grandma’s marathon in 2 weeks (2 WEEKS!), my life will return to the trails for soft, quiet earth with views that fill my soul with serenity. 

The first week of my taper had been filled with questions and daily research on taper techniques, theories, and plans. I was to run 13 this morning, but fatigued with sore feet at 12.4, so decided it best to listen to my body and walk. I moved my training days around; this was my third straight day, and the longest, so I suspected my older body would be pooped. 

I’m feeling comfortable with where I am. I know that I’ll finish the marathon, and I’m confident I’ll finish at my set pace. Letting go of worry. Moving on to figuring out what to pack for my 10 days in my MInnesotan homeland. 

This has been a week of grief, anger, ecstasy, and bliss. Running has grounded me. Running has quieted me. Running has, at it’s base, given me something I can control.


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