I was tagged by aheartofiron to ‘stop, drop, and selfie’:  Good morning, tumblr. 

Gonna try running a short neighborhood easy jog this morning, although obviously getting out of bed is proving to be somewhat of an issue. The foot is stiff but not painful, so let’s go see if I can cause some more damage! 

Tagging whoever is still in bed this morning

reading this 🙂 

 (west coasters you know I mean you) 


Dear running, 

 I fear my affair with cycling is growing some emotional depth, potentially commitment. I tried on road bikes yesterday, a variety; While they were not all good and gentle with me, I loved their feel (except for the one that’s seat was dangerous to my unmentionables). I believe I will be forming an ongoing relationship with the Trek Lexa SLX. A good beginning. 

I hope my plantar fasciitis appreciates my lack of running (heel pain is down to a low ache). I certainly am getting antsy and edgy, as this is day 10 of recovery . Riding has taken the edge off, thank God because the Bitch was coming out to play. 

 Running, fear not, I will return as soon as possible. I cannot live without you. That being said, I do think this is going to become a polyamorous relationship (I have a date with swimming too 😉 ). 

 Love always, 


The Implicit Danger of Flight


I flicked a black ant from my knee and it flew far,
an amazing distance,
so I thought of you.
Thought of your hands–
how they flickered and fumbled and ran themselves
along my back
sending me out into the long black sky,
how they kept me safe
even as they threw me into dangerous orbit,
lit up, speeding along the horizon–
like a home made rocket ship,
pieces of me chafing off into clouds of dust,
clanking and clinking,
making my racket
through time.
My eyelids flapped and all of it
My wings shook with the
urgency of air.
When I land
I’m stunned to
find I am no longer on your knee
but on my own, across the yard.
I am tempted to think
but stop the quick sketching of conclusions, resist the temptation to calculate
the danger of
my tiny place
in the giant grasses.
We are such little things,
alone on top of
white, plastic chairs
in a stranger’s yard.

My favorite poet, bringing balance and sighs to my life once again.

My Quirks

I was tagged by multisportmom  to list some of my quirks. I think I need to work on being more quirky?
Here goes :

1. I have a tendency to say exactly what I’m thinking, without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes that’s a problem.

2. I hum when I really like what I’m eating. Good food makes me happy. 

3. I hate sleeping with clothes on. I get strangled and tangled. I find it odd that people have special clothes they do wear to bed. It’s like wearing a swim suit in the bath tub… What’s the point?

4. Speaking of the bathtub, I fall asleep in it on a regular basis and I’m really trying to break that pattern. It’s totally harshing my mellow…..cause really, nap jerks in water tend to make for wet floors.  

5. I say “hi” to everyone running when I’m out on a run…. If you try to ignore me and I’m feeling particularly chipper, I’m probably going to tell you how fabulous you look in your running clothes (often the only way I can get groups of women running together to acknowledge me…. “hi ladies, you all look fabulous together! Love the neon!”).

I’m going to tag blu-fish , melanietris, macaristic, and l8arrival to feel free to let us all see your quirk flag fly 🙂

Thanks multisportmom…think I’ll do a high kick now!

Dear Running,

It’s been 8 days and I miss you deeply. I cheated on you with the bike today. Don’t worry, it’s just something they call cross training, all of the kids are doing it. It could never take your place, though. 

I’m working on healing up that pesky foot injury so we can be together again soon.

Don’t forget me.

I love you,