Shoe drama

It’s 5:30 am, time to get ready for 20 miles of pavement pounding love. I’m still in debate over which shoes to run in so I’m going to write it out loud. Asics Cumulus feel like a great fit, roomy, some nice cush, but stiff and I’m always aware of them. Adidas Supernova Glide feel great on also but far more natural, I don’t notice them when running, they’re flexible and roll thru wonderfully. When I wore them on my 8 miles Tuesday I noticed my hips may hurt in them. Decision made: Adidas because I need to know if the hip hurting thing is real, and really, they just run better. If they don’t work today, I’ll wear the Asics in the marathon.
Sorry, boring shoe drama, but it makes such a difference and freaking New Balance is out of my shoe until the end of July… A month after the marathon.


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