Scenes from Sunday’s run.

Finally felt myself today: feet on ground, rolling smoothly thru step by step, solid breath connection to pace, smiling and peaceful.

I’ve sorted out that my new Asics Cumulus are just too stiff for me to feel connected to the ground on my runs. I’ve the beginning of plantar fasciatis and freaking sore feet all the time. I ran in Adidas Glide Boost today and felt the ground beneath my feet again… Joy, oh joy. They’re on sale dirt cheap at Finish Line so I quickly ordered 2 pair (in the correct size as I also just figured out that I bought these a half size to small….and the world makes sense again).

I’m feeling more confident again just having one smooth, easy 7 miler.

The run this morning went through the kayak staging area of the Ski to Sea race today. I love seeing all the kayaks in fenced prison together. The flowers at the marina are also coming into their own. Run stories from the most beautiful Pacific Northwest 🙂


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