Long run Saturday

Trying to get back in the groove, get my brain back into training and find my love of running. My goal for today was between 15 and 17 at slow pace…. Thought I’d do 17 but took a detour onto a lovely trail by the Nooksack River for several miles tiring out my legs a bit, so I ended at 16.2. I did include a fast finish with the last quarter mile at 10k pace.

Boy it felt good that I could pull that out of nowhere, unplanned. 

My run included goats with their kids, which I stopped and took pictures of for your viewing pleasure. Goats, cows, and friendly dogs that come and lay in the road for a belly rub always makes me feel joyful. It was enjoyable to come upon the sight of a pair of guys walking slowly down the road, paddles in hand in neoprene booties and life jackets. They had dumped out of their canoe and lost it under a snag…..thus the long walk back to the car. Tomorrow is the Ski to Sea relay race and they were doing a practice run on the river. Thankfully for them, they reported that they have another canoe for the race and had stashed the car keys in zipped pockets. 

 I’m pooped and my feet are sore/tender. Yay? I’m excited that next Saturday is my final 20 mile run before taper and Grandma’s. I’m really having to work with my brain…. Find the bliss and stop the whining.


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