Not bad, but not good

My calf is better after taking the full weekend off of training; this is good. My runs are not back on track: this is not so good. I went back to my training schedule on Tuesday with intent of running an 8.5 mile interval run but ended up with a 6 mile interval run. My bad, I ate like shit the night before, this was my reasoning. Today, after eating well last night, I went out to run 9 miles, 7 at MP. I ran 7 miles, with 5.5 at MP. I was interrupted by stopping to talk to a woman at the marina who I see frequently, then texting with another friend, then repeatedly changing my music. I had to have stopped 8 times! Crud, my head is just not in the game this week. 

I know that it’s better that I have a week like this when I still have a full month before the marathon, but I actually think I’m taking advantage of that and just letting go for a week. I have not been good with food, eating sugar and too much bread has made my body droopy. Blah, blah, blah….whine session done.

Saturday I have 15 miles on the docket, then my last long run of 20 the following week. I know my goal is just to finish the marathon, but I really want to finish competently and confidently at 4:45…..pull head out of ass, put back in game.


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