Seeking wisdom and guidance


It seems that I have a minor calf muscle strain. Noticed it part way into a 9 mile tempo run yesterday. Hurts in use, although quite a bit better today after ice, stretching, and Advil yesterday. I took a walk this morning without pain, but noting it’s presence.
My first marathon is 5 weeks from tomorrow. I have a 20 mile run scheduled tomorrow (did one last Saturday also), with next Saturday being only a 13 mile long, then one more 20 before taper.
Should I run tomorrow or switch around the runs out just drop this one?

Thanks everyone!! So supportive and helpful this tumblr community is. As I’m still having pain, feeling like someone kicked me in the calf (although a gentle kick at this point) , I’m not going to run for a few days so I’m not risking further or greater injury. Thanks for the guidance on the long run lengths, I think I’ll do one more 20- 22 miler before I taper….lucky me!!

Thankfully, this happened with 5 weeks to go rather than 2.


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