Saturday long run happened.

Not sure yet how I feel about it, other than these cows are gorgeous. Last time I ran out here, we had a golden retriever with us and that made the cows so excited that they ran with us. Today they were interested in us but apparently the rule is ‘no dog, no running cow’. 

This was my highest mile run ever and it kind of kicked my ass. I ran too hard during my earlier runs this week so I was running tired. There was a bit of walking, about a minute every mile from mile 16 on. It’s good that I remember that every time I bump up miles, it’s tough… Then I adapt. 

Saltstick gave me some serious dry mouth but helped with muscle cramping. I think I’ll use every 90 minutes rather than hour. I still have dry mouth 3 hours later…. And I felt too thirsty for only 65-70 degrees…. And drank a lot of water.
Note to self: continue to work on hydration.


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