Marathon training continues 🙂
Nice interval run this morning…. 44 degrees, 10-15 mike an hour winds, and rain… Still felt great!
My feet are sore, nearly daily, but more so on days I run, with some heel hurting at night. Last week was my first over 40 miles running week, so I figure my get should be hurting a bit. I ran in different shoes this morning just to be sure it wasn’t my new shoes…. Still hurt, so that’s a bit of a relief (runners logic?).
I’m working on challenging myself during training with different tempos and intervals. I get bored and really prefer changing it up and running harder during the week to keep my mind engaged. A bored me is a lazy me.
This weekend will bring my next step up in miles to 19 or 20 on Saturday (shooting for 20, happy with 19.5😉). I’ll start using salt stick pills this run too, and I’m really hoping that’s going to help! My face was do crusted with salt this last Sunday after running, I could have chipped it off.
Happy running!


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