Though I may seem at times somewhat distant from you, through the gray mist of my own moods, I am never far; my thoughts always circle around you.

Friedrich Nietzsche (via purplebuddhaproject)

Strong Saturday long run….. But my feet are killing me! 

The Adidas were great on the run, so I guess I’m just going to have to accept that running for hours makes your feet hurt. This 20 miler, with miles 13-18 at MP, was so much easier, stronger, and faster than the first one I did. With Grandma’s 3 weeks from today, this run has given me the confidence that I needed… And I had an amazing runner’s high to boot!! 

 I stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought a foot massage thing… Cause really, feet are hurting little dogs. I’ve iced them, which helped for a moment, then just one minute on the massager and they felt great 🙂 Taking an Epsom salt bath now, then back on the massager. 

 I think the Guinness I just finished may have helped a bit as well. 

 Oh yes, time to taper 😀

Shoe drama

It’s 5:30 am, time to get ready for 20 miles of pavement pounding love. I’m still in debate over which shoes to run in so I’m going to write it out loud. Asics Cumulus feel like a great fit, roomy, some nice cush, but stiff and I’m always aware of them. Adidas Supernova Glide feel great on also but far more natural, I don’t notice them when running, they’re flexible and roll thru wonderfully. When I wore them on my 8 miles Tuesday I noticed my hips may hurt in them. Decision made: Adidas because I need to know if the hip hurting thing is real, and really, they just run better. If they don’t work today, I’ll wear the Asics in the marathon.
Sorry, boring shoe drama, but it makes such a difference and freaking New Balance is out of my shoe until the end of July… A month after the marathon.

Scenes from Sunday’s run.

Finally felt myself today: feet on ground, rolling smoothly thru step by step, solid breath connection to pace, smiling and peaceful.

I’ve sorted out that my new Asics Cumulus are just too stiff for me to feel connected to the ground on my runs. I’ve the beginning of plantar fasciatis and freaking sore feet all the time. I ran in Adidas Glide Boost today and felt the ground beneath my feet again… Joy, oh joy. They’re on sale dirt cheap at Finish Line so I quickly ordered 2 pair (in the correct size as I also just figured out that I bought these a half size to small….and the world makes sense again).

I’m feeling more confident again just having one smooth, easy 7 miler.

The run this morning went through the kayak staging area of the Ski to Sea race today. I love seeing all the kayaks in fenced prison together. The flowers at the marina are also coming into their own. Run stories from the most beautiful Pacific Northwest 🙂

Long run Saturday

Trying to get back in the groove, get my brain back into training and find my love of running. My goal for today was between 15 and 17 at slow pace…. Thought I’d do 17 but took a detour onto a lovely trail by the Nooksack River for several miles tiring out my legs a bit, so I ended at 16.2. I did include a fast finish with the last quarter mile at 10k pace.

Boy it felt good that I could pull that out of nowhere, unplanned. 

My run included goats with their kids, which I stopped and took pictures of for your viewing pleasure. Goats, cows, and friendly dogs that come and lay in the road for a belly rub always makes me feel joyful. It was enjoyable to come upon the sight of a pair of guys walking slowly down the road, paddles in hand in neoprene booties and life jackets. They had dumped out of their canoe and lost it under a snag…..thus the long walk back to the car. Tomorrow is the Ski to Sea relay race and they were doing a practice run on the river. Thankfully for them, they reported that they have another canoe for the race and had stashed the car keys in zipped pockets. 

 I’m pooped and my feet are sore/tender. Yay? I’m excited that next Saturday is my final 20 mile run before taper and Grandma’s. I’m really having to work with my brain…. Find the bliss and stop the whining.

Not bad, but not good

My calf is better after taking the full weekend off of training; this is good. My runs are not back on track: this is not so good. I went back to my training schedule on Tuesday with intent of running an 8.5 mile interval run but ended up with a 6 mile interval run. My bad, I ate like shit the night before, this was my reasoning. Today, after eating well last night, I went out to run 9 miles, 7 at MP. I ran 7 miles, with 5.5 at MP. I was interrupted by stopping to talk to a woman at the marina who I see frequently, then texting with another friend, then repeatedly changing my music. I had to have stopped 8 times! Crud, my head is just not in the game this week. 

I know that it’s better that I have a week like this when I still have a full month before the marathon, but I actually think I’m taking advantage of that and just letting go for a week. I have not been good with food, eating sugar and too much bread has made my body droopy. Blah, blah, blah….whine session done.

Saturday I have 15 miles on the docket, then my last long run of 20 the following week. I know my goal is just to finish the marathon, but I really want to finish competently and confidently at 4:45…..pull head out of ass, put back in game.