Long run Saturday and “ouch, my heel hurts” Sunday.  

Yesterday’s 18+ miles were good until I stopped running and immediately started cramping. Actually, I’d started with a little cramping in my legs at mile 16 but stopped and ate a couple of Clif blocks hoping the amount of sodium would get me through the last couple of miles, which it did, until I stopped. I was at my running partner’s house so asked for anything salty she had as the cramping was getting worse. She’s not a salt person but had Little Smokies for treats for her dogs. Yay for those precious little, tiny hot dogs! Very odd after run food but they did the trick, and I got some protein to boot 🙂 

I ran in new shoes yesterday, Asics gel Cumulus. Not bad, wonderful amount of width and room in the toebox, but they’re fairly stiff so there was a sense of smacking the road with each step while I’m used to rolling through. I’m not sure if this is what led to the left heel, or it’s because of the distance run? Miles 12-16 were at MP, so that made it clear why I’m a bit sore today otherwise. I decided with my heel this tender I’m forgoing the 8 miles I had planned for today and resting it (I’ll do that mileage tomorrow then). 

 On a positive note, I felt strong enough in yesterday’s run that I could’ve gone a couple more miles, at least. I’m glad I talked myself down as it would’ve been a mess had I been a couple miles out when I started cramping that bad.
I’ll be going to get Saltstick today. 

Edit: thanks to the Boston runners who wrote about using salt tablets in their write ups….I did not have a clue about them and cramping.


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