17 done.

Long run Saturday happened on a Sunday in order to accommodate my running partner having a family commitment. I normally take Friday off as a total rest day, run long on Saturday, 6 easy miles on Sunday. Switched out to run easy 6 on Saturday…. 

That made today’s long run feel really long and I felt fatigue settle in around mile 10, although grumpiness was present from step 1. I reminded myself that it’s good and builds strength to run tired so I didn’t wuss out but, jeez louise, I had major brain struggle. Mindfulness was difficult to attain and would not last. Interesting that I was running my normal long slow run pace without problem, but still felt really sloggy. 

I just remembered I also ran hill repeats on Thursday, which could have had more to do with tired legs?

Not a bad run, just a reminder that training is hard and uncomfortable at times. Bless caffeinated gels! They make long runs so much more pleasant 😀

Very excited for The Boston Marathon tomorrow! Run strong you wonderful Tumblrs!!


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