Lilacs and a tempo run

Spring in the PNW is a riotous thing. A glorious run this morning accompanied by the sweet smell of lilacs, the dawn rising to greet me, and my legs right where they should be. 

 Running an alternating tempo workout: warm up, 3×1 mile of mp and 1 mile at 10k pace,and a cool down mile. This was my first run with my new race paces and while I worried I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, it went just right 🙂 I guess my times getting better wasn’t just a fluke. 

I had a minor brain freak out tonight while on the freeway. I saw the sign that said Bellingham 16 miles, then proceeded to imagine running the distance. It was a f***ing long run! Used mindfulness to get my brain out of the gutter of terror ‘cause it started talking about how a marathon is 10 miles further than this…. What am I crazy?!! Besides I’ve already done a 15 miler, what’s a few more.


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