My legs have returned from tired land in time to treat me to a glorious Sunday trail run. I’ve got to say that I’m looking forward to finishing marathon training so I can play more on trails…. The up and down kind as I love bombing downhill, but the risk of injury is too high with this goal of Grandma’s in front of me. 

 The “Beat the Blerch” half and full marathon in Washington State is opening for registration tomorrow….anyone going? 

 My forerunner 220 is being wonky when I run without a programmed workout. The pace buzzes me throughout as if I’m off pace, when there is no pace set? Researching this to find a fix, but if this has happened to any of you… Feel free to tell me how to fix it 🙂 

 Just got a fun call from my sister that she’ll be in San Francisco for a week at the end of the month. I quickly found an inexpensive flight and I’ll be hanging with my bestie for a few days in SF 😀


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