Fatigue and recovery

Saturday long run happened this morning. Only 10 miles as it’s supposed to be a recovery week, and boy did I need recovery after my half last Saturday. I’ve not experienced the soreness and fatigue following a run in a long while. Although now that I write those words I’ve never really worked with a training plan and races like this. Interesting. 

Sunday’s run following the Honeywagon half was a slow 6 miles and involved sore quads. Tuesday felt somewhat better during 6.7 with sprints the last half mile. Thursday was given up to a case of the “‘f*** it’s’, I’ll do it later….”, then didn’t. Guilt and self doubt set in. Just lovely. 

Today’s run was at a slow pace and I could still feel my fatigued legs whining at me, like I had just attained this distance when I have run it and more for months.
I will not give in, just be forgiving of my older body and respect it’s need for recovery….. But it better shape up cause I’m really missing easy running!

I tried out my new hydration pack on this morning’s run. My running partner and I had a good laugh at how prominent certain parts of my anatomy become when framed with straps 🙂 I do like using the pack though, enhanced chesticles and all, it’ll make runs longer than 13 miles much easier. I also loved not having to carry a bottle and being able to stuff my jacket in it when I become over heated. Also tried a new gel, Honey Stinger Ginsting. Really easy to ingest and it tastes good. I’ll have to try it out again to see how my body tolerates it. The honey flavor is really strong, but a good switch out with the Huma Mocha I use normally, as I wanted something with less caffeine to alternate with it. I love caffeine while I’’m running! It makes the world happy and funny 🙂

Next Saturday I bump up to 17 miles…..oh my.


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