So this happened today : 

I ran a half marathon that’s put on by our local running club, The Honeywagon Half. First, so you understand the humor in the name, a honey wagon is the piece of farm equipment that spreads manure on the fields for fertilization of crops ….. It’s a shit spreader…’s the shit spreader half 🙂 

Anyhoo……Second, I cut 18 minutes off of my Zion half time from 3 weeks ago.

 It would seem that I’ve been either underestimating myself (this pace is 10 seconds faster per mile than my 10k pace), or I’ve been doing well with my training. 

 The splits pic is from my Tuesday morning run; started a bit too fast but then settled in to nice negative splits without my Garmin guiding me as I didn’t want to set a program in order to run free. 

Feeling really good 😀 

I do keep checking my data to make sure I really ran like this today…..and it’s true! Holy pooh.


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