Back in the saddle:

I’ve really been questioning my decision to run the marathon in June. Every run my brain pushes against me, telling me there’s no way I can make that distance. Stupid f***ing brain needs to shut up! I’ve been practicing mindfulness each time the thoughts start to bully me with a great deal of success. This Saturday was another 13 miler and I practiced mindfully looking for colors each time the “really you should stop and never run again” talk would start. A peaceful practice that I enjoyed and brought out a whole new beauty to the landscape. This helped to make this a great run, even though it was raining and I was drenched. 

I’ve also begun using Huma gels (new order just sent in) at good intervals. This was the first long run, ever, that I didn’t get cranky…. Which predictably happens at mile 8. Love the Huma mocha gel, tasty and easy to digest…. With a nice zap of caffeine too. 

Then came today’s run. I was sore from lunges, my quads are still really pissy with me right now. I was resistant to getting out of bed and going…..couldn’t decide where to run and was making too big of a deal of it and NOT feeling my options. Decided I really just wanted a laid back marina run (where the tulips are blooming) without having any structure…. Freedom! I ended up running a great, for me, reverse splits run (mile 6 had extra seconds because I was sick of my music and stopped to change it). So pleased with the energy of this run and the glory of running in and of itself. When I got home I started the fit nerd challenges, then collapsed into the bathtub where I promptly fell asleep….. Bliss.

 Now to type up my marathon training plan: 3 months until Grandma’s 🙂


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