Of course I forgot to turn off my Garmin, my time was 2:33. My goal had been 2:20, but damn that was a lot of up hill at elevation (coming from sea level). It would seem that running uphill at this elevation makes me breathe hard, so there was some walking as the last 6 miles were where the hills all were. I came in the top 50% overall, and the top 35% in my age group. I’m pleased I wasn’t last.

I truly questioned my commitment to running Grandma’s marathon in June during the race. Became crabby with being crowded onto the shoulder of the highway and feeling closed in by people as I would try and pass. It felt good when we had a full lane. I became quite snap’ish about 2 women that were talking loudly to each other, friends, as they BOTH had earbuds in and they were within 5 feet of us… Couldn’t get away from them fast enough! Anyway, within 15 minutes of finishing I was talking about training and how lovely a flat, sea level, run will be. I must say that I am sore, feet and glutes. Tomorrow brings hiking in Zion, Angels Landing, which is part of the challenge of the race here. It will be gorgeous, and slow going 🙂


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