Running wrap Saturday:

Today is one week before the Zion half marathon in Utah, therefore I only had a slow 8 mile trail run for my long run today. I am grateful for the beauty of the pacific northwest on a daily basis, today was no exception. The creek pictures are of one near Lake Whatcom, which is a popular walking trail in my area. Finished off the run with the last mile and a half on the road, all up hill. Be kind to your glutes and they’ll be kind to you 🙂 

 Tuesday and Thursday were both interval runs, 8 and 7 miles respectively, with Tuesday having half m pace 4 x 1.5 miles, and Thursday at marathon pace 3 x 2 miles. Thursday also brought the burpee challenge….. Knocked out 90 over 35 minutes…. Fun. 

 Enjoy the daffodils! This was from Thursday morning’s run, see how appropriately I’m decked out for running in the dark. I took this specifically thinking of everyone back East, sending a reminder that spring will come. Spring here In WA is a spectacular thing. Once the daffodils bloom, everything blooms, and noses all start running. The Cherry Blossoms are flowering pink, trees are in their spring greens, and the tulip festival is around the corner.


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