Some wrap up of Monday thru Friday:

Beautiful Monday hike in the sun at Fort Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey island. I love this trail, I run it or walk it once a month, usually. It’s a nice rolling, single track, hilly walk, with several miles of it on the beach below the bluffs. If the sun’s out, as it was this week, it’s spectacular. The other fun part of hiking down here is seeing and hearing all of the navy jets. They were out like mosquitoes on Monday! (not over the trail though, thankfully)

 Tuesday run was intervals that went great, if not as exactly on time target as it could have been. I’m very new to pacing and staying at a certain pace…. It’s fun and annoying all at once 🙂 I didn’t get tired though and stayed relatively consistent through out. 

Thursday run was 8 slow miles (the slower I go the more it helps my fitnerd team with minutes, right?). Tiny knee pain at the top of the right patella where the quad tendons insert. Must roll quads more as they love to tighten up beyond tight and yank on that little sucker! 

Zion half marathon is in 2 weeks 🙂 

Grandma’s marathon is in 16 😀


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