9 things

I have been tagged by Mari-musing to complete to brief little get to know you 🙂

1. What’s your name?: Kathleen
2. When’s your birthday?: September 25th
3. Where are you from?: Originally – Minneapolis, MN, although I moved to Bellingham, WA 20 years ago. Seeing the winter MN has had this year reminds me of why I moved 😉
4. Have a crush?: Nope, okay that’s a lie. I have a little one cause it’s fun to fantasize and flirt.
5. Favorite colour?: I love all shades of green. 
6. Write something in caps: WHY? (this was the perfect answer Marianne)
7. Favorite artist/band(s): I love beautiful voices and bluesy tunes with emotion, but no one specific – well, kd lang, Bettye LaVette, St Paul and the Broken Bones, the new Tiny Desk NPR winner Fantastic Negrito, oh I could go on and on (and newly heard opera Joyce DiDonato.
8. Favorite number(s): ummmm…..no, nope, not a single favorite number.
9. Favorite drink(s): Sapphire Gin and Tonic, good tequila, Fat Tire Amber ale, coffee (double tall soy latte with a little honey) – this one should be first on the list, and of course, water.

Tagging to complete or not: runningforbiscuits, rookcanrun, marathonmary, unimpressivesue, cmjhawk86 


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