Superbowl Alternatives

I decided that I needed to go in search of the sun today rather than be a 12th man, please don’t tell my fellow Washingtonians (although they may understand the need for sun). I had a feeling about driving to Deception Pass and sure enough, the rain ceased to drip out of the sky and the sun pushed back the grey, illuminating the sky with blue, dotted with lovely puffy clouds….sigh. I had never been in the park, or walked the bridge, but had only seen it from below while on the water in my kayak. This is where we go to learn and practice paddling in currents, crossing eddy lines and whirlpools. The current runs fast here and will build standing waves to play on. The first time I paddled here, I nearly tossed my cookies.

Anyhoo, I spent a quiet time sitting on the beach listening to shorebirds and eating big fat Sumo oranges. 

A good day. 

I’m also glad to see that the score is tied…..go Hawks!


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