Not so nice without my run

I went to the doctor to have my knee checked out after my painful run last Sunday: Lots of x-rays later…..“nothing broken, nothing appears torn, take a week off and call me for PT if it’s not better”. 

It would seem that running helps me to manage my mood more than I had thought previously. Between not getting my run on, and no refined sugar for the past month, I have not been the most pleasant person in the world to be around. I really do not like anger. I really do not like having the blues either. This week brought a perfect storm of this dynamic duo. Donuts so would have helped. I had a grocery shopping experience on Tuesday where I had to constantly remind myself to calm down, breathe, look away from the candy. I actually thought maybe I should just get a box of Trix and snack away on them, that would be helpful. Took me a moment to realize I probably shouldn’t be in the store at that moment – especially since I also wanted to hurt people. Donuts so would have helped.

My knee is slowly returning to health. Pain appears to shift, causing different problems different days of the week. I’m going to take this as a sign that injury is working it’s way through and out. I decided to reintroduce Daily Burn workouts, as I haven’t been running, it’s okay to get through the initial soreness this always causes (my ass feels like it has been hit, hard, with a hammer making sitting down entertaining at best). Working out with Daily Burn (online workout program) made me a much stronger and faster runner last spring. My knee seems to be responding well to it also. Just a couple more days until I can sit down like a normal person again. 

Tomorrow morning will be the return to running. I’ll keep my runs short, less than 5 miles, and slow this week. I must admit I’m scared, what if it starts hurting again like last week? Arghhh. The brain game of running. I still have 6 weeks until the half in Zion and I have purchased my tickets to get there (last Sunday when my run was so painful – commitment to recovery).

It’s been helpful for me to follow everyone else’s runs this week, the good, but especially the bad. Thank you for sharing both ups and downs.


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