Some wrap up of Monday thru Friday:

Beautiful Monday hike in the sun at Fort Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey island. I love this trail, I run it or walk it once a month, usually. It’s a nice rolling, single track, hilly walk, with several miles of it on the beach below the bluffs. If the sun’s out, as it was this week, it’s spectacular. The other fun part of hiking down here is seeing and hearing all of the navy jets. They were out like mosquitoes on Monday! (not over the trail though, thankfully)

 Tuesday run was intervals that went great, if not as exactly on time target as it could have been. I’m very new to pacing and staying at a certain pace…. It’s fun and annoying all at once 🙂 I didn’t get tired though and stayed relatively consistent through out. 

Thursday run was 8 slow miles (the slower I go the more it helps my fitnerd team with minutes, right?). Tiny knee pain at the top of the right patella where the quad tendons insert. Must roll quads more as they love to tighten up beyond tight and yank on that little sucker! 

Zion half marathon is in 2 weeks 🙂 

Grandma’s marathon is in 16 😀


8 mile trail run this morning; it was great! Beautiful view of the bay, along with deep green forest, and towering rock! Happy heart. I ended up turning off the Garmin plan i had set up as the trail is not in an area that the gps could hold well enough…. So it kept buzzing me that I was too fast or too slow for the entire first half mile….. Grrrrr 😦 Turned the little sucker off and had a great run settling into the marathon pace that I was supposed to be running at on my own. Legs were great, even after yesterday’s 12, which frankly shocked me. Used my mindfulness skills in the last 2 miles to keep myself present and unworried about fatigue. Worked beautifully……. Serenity be me.

You’re running in circles? Same path over and over again? That would make anyone insane. Is there another place to run?

Okay, so I was exaggerating a bit. I hadn’t mapped out clearly where my last 2 miles were going to be and you know when you don’t know exactly when you’re going to be done and keep up having to take a different turn which doesn’t end up being as long as you thought it was going to be, so you have to do another one, and another one, still not done? 

It’s possible I was just tired :/

I didn’t know whether we should send our Secret Valentines anonymously (I grew up in the UK where valentines are, but not here in the US). But others didn’t, so … Tadaah! I’m your Tumblr Valentine! Hello new tumblr friend, nice to meet you!

Rupert, in my tradition (being the 4th of 5 children growing up) you find out all of the secrets 🙂 Your name was in the package, I googled, found a picture, matched you up with my followers list 😀 I didn’t want to spoil your surprise, so I kept my own secret 😉

Thank you so much much for the thoughtful and sweet gifts! You made my week a happy one. 

Hello new tumblr friend! ❤

Long slow run: good and steady, although I nearly stopped at 11.5 again. Not because i was exhausted (like last week) but tired and sick of running in circles trying to get to 12, and running partner stopped at 10 as she continues to heal from injury. I figure this partial run thing that we’ll do together until Grandma’s in June will be good because the end of runs is normally where I have to work the hardest with my brain. As I’ll be doing Grandma’s alone, I need to work on leaning into discomfort and finding peace of mind as it tells me to “stop! ”. 

Has anyone tried using hypnosis to quiet this part of the brain? 

 New book. Liking it a lot. Not struggling with being an “older” runner, but surprised to find myself labeled as one…..and accepting it.