Run, hot tub, eat, nap, eat.

7 more weeks to Zion. Today was my longest run, ever. I’m aiming for a run at 11 minutes a mile for the half marathon. Today included a 25 minute warm in and 25 minute cool down at 12-12:20 a mile, I and an hour and a half at 11-11:10. Gratefully the temps were in the 50’s, no wind, but it rained the entire run and we were drenched; that much rain makes for squishy steps and a couple of extra pounds of water. Pooped me and my running partner out, so we crashed in the hot tub for an hour 🙂 (it might have been an hour and a half, we had a lot to talk about)
No knee pain until 8 miles in and nothing bad enough that postural correction couldn’t fix (at least until the last mile, then I was tired and I just don’t think I could hold the correction). Happy note: the cows were all feeding again and as we ran by, moo’d at us. Yup, I am no longer a city girl.
I Love the Adidas Supernova glide! They feel really basic, no extra support features, with a lot of cush. Shoe addict, that I can be, just received a new pair of Mizuno’s in the mail today. Here’s to hoping that I have another pair of winners.

I brought up to my running bud, who will be running Zion with me and it is both of our first half’s, the question of whether it will feel anticlimactic to run 13 miles as part of our training? She reminded me that we won’t be running the 13 miles at elevation or in Utah so I should get over it. Zion will still be our official first half marathon. That just made me worry about elevation running. 

Going out for Mexican food, no long run tomorrow means cheese tonight!


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