5 things

I was tagged by   for this sharing, let’s see how it turns out, shall we?

1. I was not physically active in my life on any consistent basis until my mid-40’s. Do I regret this? Deeply, as I feel that I haven’t lived my life fully without it. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many (possibly only several) 3-6 month stints of going to the gym or trying to start running. Something changed in my brain this time as I began running and conquering my brain and my body. This journey started off with the intent of becoming more in shape to hike in the mountains (out of breath, please let me stop, was my mantra). It’s become a way of life that has led to wonderful mountain hikes, team races with friends, planning a half tri, a half marathon in Zion (bucket list), and knowing that at some point I will run a full marathon. I love the strength of my body and my brain.

2. I live in the Pacific Northwest, having moved here nearly 21 years ago from Minneapolis, MN. Before I moved I swore I would never want to live somewhere smaller, I was a city girl through and through. Then a friend invited me to look at this area with her as she was going to move either here, Bellingham, WA, or Seattle. My life was not in a good space so I thought, “okey dokey”. I fell in love with Bellingham, pop. 67.000 (at the time, it’s now around 85,000). A land where people looked at you and said “hello” as you passed on the street. I was 28, it was the best decision I ever made, as I finally found myself and bloomed.

3. I write most of my tumblr entries while I’m in the bathtub, following runs.

4. I love the water and if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’d like to return as a sea otter or a seal. On tired days, i’d like to return as a whale, though: a huge, slow Grey Whale. 

5. I’m a therapist, mental health is my game. I have also been a massage therapist but let go of that license as I became too tired to lay hands on any person’s injured muscles after I started to work as a mental health counselor. They’d feel great after receiving the work, I would walk away with their injury. Ooops. I am passionate about working with persons with chronic mental health issues, so have worked in a non-profit community mental health care center for 16 years. I love how the brain works….totally fascinates me…. and I feel honored that people let me step into their lives, their thought processes, and let me wander around helping them to sort things out.

Instead of tagging people, I’d love to invite anyone who has not done this to share a little of who they are with us all.


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