This moment

I’m grateful i finally got to run again this morning. Still a little knee pain here and there as I definitely damaged something a little bit (that’s me being optimistic or in denial, you pick) in my knee when I took my slow-mo fall on Tuesday. It wasn’t enough discomfort, or too long, to not run, but it did impede my ability to cross my legs while sitting in a meeting today :/ I took the weekend off from running – barely even checked into Tumblr as I was green eyed and sulking. Any hoo….was a good 6 mile tempo run with increasing speed with each interval (not intentionally, but pleasantly).

Ran in my new Adidas, nice ride. We’ll see how they do over time and on longer runs. Naughty me found another pair of running shoes on, 60% off, Mizuno Wave Creation 15. I actually have a pair of the 13’s but never used them to run, just liked the fact that they are hunting orange and freak people out a little with their intensity when I wear them. I’ll try this last pair and see what works best. I’m starting to think that I just like cushy soft shoes, but my body does significantly better in firmer shoes (my best long run shoes are Salomon XR Missions). 

How many pairs of shoes did you go through until you found your wonderland?


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