My graceful, slow motion, fall that I succumbed to Tuesday morning has led to a hurting knee :/  Possible that I shouldn’t have jumped up and pursued a 6 mile tempo run on it Tuesday, but it felt okay while running….so I at least know that I didn’t do anything too spectacular to it. Thursday’s run was a bit different; every step of 6 miles hurt on some level. No significant swelling, no sharp pain, no instability, just like i bruised the bone possibly? I’ve decided I’ll have to take a few days off, including my long run tomorrow. (insert pissy face here)

I did return to the scene of the fall to try and sort out how it happened…..clumsiness was all I could come up with. (continued pissy face)

I’m having a difficult time right now in other areas of my life and running is the one thing I can control and feel strong in. Even poor runs feel better than no run. It’ll be tough to keep myself down and especially tough because my new shoes came in the mail last night. These feel like they’re going to rock my running world: Adidas Supernova Glide 6. If you’re looking for a well cushioned shoe, these are dreamy. My feet are really wide and the uppers have stretchy material to accommodate. I have high hopes. The only oddity is that they remind me of the saddle shoes I had in 4th grade.


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