Tempo run Tuesday

I decided that I knew better than my Endomondo training plan this morning. I also frequently think I know better than google navigation when I’m driving; I have yet to be right about this. Anyway, I added a couple of miles onto my tempo pace, which actually doubled it, as well as increased the tempo pace time by half of a minute. Yes, I was a touch tired for the rest of the day. Actually, I nearly fell asleep during a session this afternoon, which is always a good sign of a tough run?

I began my run this morning by taking a graceful fall into the street at the corner 2 houses down from home. I was waiting for the light to change, jogging in place to warm up, and must have tangled my foot up between the grate and the curb….. Oops! There I was, laying in the street (of course with a mini van witnessing my tragedy…..although I felt no embarrassment because,after all, they were driving a mini van) trying to sort out how I ended up with my head on the ground. That was 2-3 seconds. I then jumped up and started running across the street, well limping/running really because the light was green after all and I was just laying there. What else was I to do? I went around the corner to investigate my knee, which was hurting. It’s dark out, early morning, no one around but I’ve decided I need to hide out of sight like a wounded animal. I then ran my 6 mile tempo run feeling sure I would run off the pain. I did, until I stopped. I figured this was just a really good reason to not stop.
Ice will be my friend for the next few days.

On a good note: New shoes (I burnt out the last pair after only 220 miles as I weigh more than the average female runner) and a good talk about running with the UPS driver who will be running his first 50 miler in May. I love runners.


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